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The term Atman (At-Ma) has Hindu roots meaning, "One Breath" or "Inner Soul". We believe that these roots are embedded within each one of us and that we share this breath universally. We work to better humanity through our efforts and by our services towards one another as a community whole. It is this connection within each member that gains results. We should strive for a better tomorrow and to have this unity work for us in an effort to regain the control of our true selves.




As legal specialists, our primary objective is to be sure that our members ** and their families are able to have the resource tools necessary concerning their judicial and administrative needs. We provide this security by way of third party intervention. Although we do not represent individuals in a court of law, we provide you with services that will get you through the confusion in addition to the explanations of court procedure. Our staff are not local (federal/state) bar-attorney's, and do not give legal advice to any individual member or members of their families rather, our personal opinions are based upon the knowledge we find related to your particular needs. These opinions are the sole opinions of  Atman Legal Services, and its associates. These opinions are not to be construed as a legal method to gain the relief you are seeking. If you are seeking legal advice, please contact a(n) attorney registered in your state.  Below are an outline of our services:



Atman Legal Services is a member based organization. To receive services, you must be a listed member of the Atman Services organization. Annual membership is currently free of charge. There is a one time set-up fee (noted below)**  signing up as a member will secure access to our staff, newsletters and on-line benefits.




We do require an initial (non refundable) set up fee of $25.00. The purpose of this set up fee is to initiate your membership and open the necessary accounts needed to handle your affairs. This is a one time fee.  When you receive your welcome packet, you will be issued a membership identification number that you will need to place on all your correspondence with us that identifies you as a member an entitles you to access our case based services. (see “Costs” for more details)

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