Americans Against Judicial InJustice



Biased Judges

Often these days judges are not impartial. They are biased to their political or personal agenda, and they do favors for prosecutors who work closely with them in the same offices, which is of course a conflict of interest. Relationships between judges and prosecutors needs to be watched, and inappropiate trading of favors needs to be reported.

Rulings for Profit

Not only have judges been modifying sentences to fill their buddies' jails to get funding, but they also create extensive and exagerated terms for probation sentences that require the person to pay absurdly high amounts of money for unnecessary and wasteful services, only to feed the capitalistic enterprise of the many companies for profit the revolve around the criminal court system. The person undergoing a probation program should be allowed to choose between competing services and not forced to use a single company giving kickbacks to the judges.

Checks and Balances

There is a brotherhood between Judges to protect one another, so it is rare that one will overrule another. There needs to be enforced penalties against judges who knowingly protect the illegal behavior of other judges. Also, court offices make it especially difficult for citizens and even other civil workers to obtain records of judges' rulings in order discover patterns of biased rulings. This process needs to be opened and records more freely and easily available in order to maintain a checks and balances system.

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