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Legal Research in general

In depth Legal Research

Transgender Referral and Research

UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) research and related claims

General and Judicial Correspondence

Methods related to judicial process & procedures

Notary Services (agent appointees)-coming soon.

Debt Issues (consumer only)

Reviews related to 42 U.S.C.A. section 1983 (condition of confinement claims)

Typing Services w/attached case law supporting your merits

Original Writs

Freedom of Information Act/State Public Records Requests



Civil Law

Admiralty/Maritime Law

Special Extensions within Maritime and Admiralty Jurisdiction

Criminal Justice

Personal Injury / Torts

Administrative Procedures Act/Discrimination Claims & Greivance Process

Indeterminate Sentences Cases


COSTS:     Services may vary. During these trying and difficult times, services are based upon your individual case(s).  We ask that you contact us for a more specific price. We know that if you area currently incarcerated     (pro-se) party, finding the funding for assistance can be nearly impossible, so we will work with you and your family in an effort to fit your budget. [ To us, it's not about the money, rather it's about your rights you are afforded under the laws and the education we can offer to you.]

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